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                                                                       History Of St Helens Golf Club

                                                    Affiliated To The Lancashire Union Of Golf Clubs & The English Golf Union 

                                                                      Members Of The NAPGC (Formally Prescot Golf Society/Club)

                                      In 1971 a group of brothers Jimmy, George & Bob Cooney along with friend Tony Boggan

                                      decided to form a golf society so they could play in competitions.

     They were based at Allerton Golf Course in Liverpool but played their first competition at Bowering Park Golf Club

     which Tony Won, They were called Prescot Golf Society, In 1975 they moved to Sherdley Park Golf Course using 

     the Sherdley Park Tavern.

     In 1978 when Sherdley Park was now an 18 hole course, they moved location to the Mill House Pub in Robins Lane,

     St Helens. One of their new members John Hunt obtained an old bowling pavilion which was erected in what is now         the beer garden. Several functions were held there until the licensee of the pub moved to another location.  The new             landlord wanted the land used by the club for other purposes. So Prescot Golf Society were homeless and moved to             temporary accommodation above the Clockface Hotel, St Helens and also using the Sherdley Park G.C Tavern.

     In the 1984/85 season due to the ever increasing membership of the club with people wanting to play in competitions         where a full handicap was needed an application was made to the Lancashire Golf Union to become an official Golf           Club. They advised us to contact the National Association of Public Golf Courses for a model constitution to show               how a golf club should be organised.

                                                                                            The Club is now called ST HELENS GOLF CLUB.

     In 1985 a piece of land was acquired adjacent to the railway line at Clockface just opposite the Bull & Dog Public                     House. An old BICC cabin was provided and erected by one of our members, so finally St Helens Golf Club had a                   permanent base &eventually bought the land. The membership continued to grow with weekly competitions, away             days, winter league competitions & a full calendar of events.

     Sadly in 1999 our land was purchased by RAILTRACK to provide a new station and car park for commuters, we were         offered a land swap and some compensation to move to a site very near to the Sherdley Park Golf Course.

      Sadly due to planning consent St Helens Golf Club was homeless and couldn't develop the land and build a new club          house but thanks to Sherdley Park Golf Club we were able to use there facilities for a number of years.


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